Bank Advisory

For more than 15 years, The Rainier Group has successfully delivered its Bank Advisory Service to regional commercial banks leveraging Rainier’s experience and knowledge in consulting private business owners.
Rainier’s Bank Advisory Services program provides large regional banks with the ability to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace by providing a unique service capability focused on adding value and deepening relationship with commercial clients.

Program Overview

Bank Advisory Services provides the bank with the consulting capacity to capitalize on their relationships with owners of large private businesses. This consulting capability provides bank clients with the ability to plan and implement the following:

Ownership Transistion
Assists business owners in strategically evaluating their options and implementing their decisions in the following areas:
  • Retention for family members
  • Internal sale
  • External sale
Management Succession 
Management succession planning matches the future leadership and operational management requirements of an organization with the skills and aspirations of the internal or external successors.

Corporate Consulting
Essential components of a successful Ownership Transition and Management Succession include governance, key employee retention and business valuations. We’ve learned through decades of experience that the integration of these planning areas is critical to long-term business success.

The Role Of The Rainier Group
RGI brings a turn-key program to the commercial bank:
  • Rainier helps qualify, hire and train bank relationship managers devoted to the Bank Advisory Service program, and support them in delivering the program’s consulting services.
  • Utilizing Rainier’s experince, unique processes and proprietary modeling capabilities, Rainier provides ongoing technical support to facilitate the Bank Advisory Services program.
  • Additionally, Rainier provides access to and continued support from its consulting and technical specialists in:
  • Marketing
  • Case management
  • Product cross-sell
Program Benefits

Bank Advisory Services adds value to commercial banks in multiple ways:
  • Expands and deepens the bank’s primary business relationships
  • Leverages existing relationships to increase lending and credit retention
  • Provides a key point of differentiation to drive new primary business relationships
  • Provide for multi-generational relationships thereby reducing competition
  • Generates product cross-sell opportunities within the bank
  • Generates meaningful additional fee income


Strengths of the Bank
  • Corporate relationships
  • Commercial lending
  • Money management
  • Product breadth
  • Community involvement
  • Clients’ trust
Strengths of the Rainier Group
  • Consulting expertise
  • Financial modeling
  • Technical expertise
  • Depth of experience in process
  • Sales/marketing to high net-worth business owners

Client Profiles

The typical Bank Advisory Services client is a major stockholder of a large, private corporation who is focused on his or her personal future and the future of the business enterprise.

CLIENT ONE: Example Profile

  • Primary owner is age 68
  • Married with three adult children, two of whom are active in the business
  • Net worth is $70,000,000
  • 80% business ownership
  • Commercial construction
  • FMV is $80,000,000
  • 700 employees
  • Maintains total credit facilities of $10,000,000
Primary Purpose of Engagement
  • Ensure the primary owner’s continued standard of living
  • Provide transition ownership to the next generation
  • Minimize transfer costs and estate taxes
  • Ensure the company’s market position, competitiveness and growth potential
  • Develop a meaningful and measurable incentive plan for company Presidents without creating negative cash flow
CLIENT TWO: Example Profile


  • Two partners, both married and in their late 50s
  • Shared ownership with family and key employees
  • One partner wants out, the other to remain and grow the business
  • Food services
  • FMV is $150,000,000
  • 1,000 employees
  • Current credit facilities total approximately $20,000,000
Primary Purpose of Engagement
  • Develop a strategy to finance and complete a leveraged buy-out of the exiting partner
CLIENT THREE: Example Profile


  • Two brothers in their 50s, one married the other single
  • No children interested in the business, and both ready for a quieter lifestyle
  • Oilfield services
  • FMV is $300,000,000
  • 700 employees
  • Key employees have minority ownership in most companies
Primary Purpose of Engagement
  • Pre-transaction estate planning
  • Assistance in structuring the company and its financial presentation for external sale
  • Achieving maximum value

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