Ownership Transition

Our experience and process enables clients to determine the best courses of action to meet their specific business and financial objectives.
We help clients evaluate the three basic ownership transition types.
  • Retention for family members 
This is the most common transition and also the most complex. It impacts the owner, the business, its employees, family members directly involved in the business and family members who are outside the business.
  • Internal sale
This may be a sale to a specific group of employees, an ESOP, other owners or some combination of these three. When a seller and the potential buyers continue to work together, the negotiation process requires increased sensitivity, experience and insight.
  • External sale
The probable purchaser may be a strategic or financial buyer, and may be easily identified by the seller. Sometimes the purchaser will need to be identified by an investment banking firm. In all cases, creating an experienced negotiating team is a necessity.

Sample Case Study

We believe that to achieve a successful ownership transition, all parties need to benefit.  This is why our approach balances the objectives of the owner(s) with the needs of the business and other stakeholders.  Financial models play an integral role in determining the appropriate balance between the "competing" personal and business financial objectives and requirements. 

Considering both the challenges and opportunities that are unique to each situation, we work with clients to create the most beneficial course of action for all stakeholders affected by a business transition.

Rainier Group's Experior™ Modeling Platform evaluates planning strategies relative to the business and personal financial requirements to determine the optimal approach.  Modeling is critical toward the creation of defined personal, family, business and financial objectives.

Experior™ provides an integrated and comprehensive approach to comparing ownership transition and wealth management planning approach ultimately resulting in quality decisions with greater confidence.
Business Financial Model
Personal Financial Model

We believe that assembling a team of specialists including your attorney, accountant and other key advisors is the best way to address your unique situation. We are committed to working with your advisors in ways that:
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve the quality of the decision-making process
  • Ensure effective implementation of your decisions 
By coordinating the efforts of the team, we help ensure continuity of service and enhance the quality of the plans we create and implement.

Management Succession
Management succession planning matches the future leadership and operational management requirements of an organization with the skills and aspirations of the internal or external successors.

Improving the probability of a successful management transition depends on the successor’s knowledge, skills and passion for the business. We understand the complex dynamics of this process and have helped ensure successful transitions for hundreds of private business owners.

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